Vincent, 31

Your posts make feel like I’m understanding the stories behind the news. Great work”

Eric, 37

I love this, I’m an Aussie overseas and love that it’s so current and easy to check in on current affairs there.

Natasha, 19

The heroes of 2020, keeping us all informed! Best Instagram Stories in Australia.


Bree, 24

In this climate where media is struggling for all different voices to be heard it’s really good to see you guys thinking outside the box and presenting facts and information so simply and effective. Read you guys everyday

Romy 28

Love my daily does of @thedailyaus Thank you for keeping us informed in scuh a non prejudicial, non judgemental, and intelligent way. Your icon embodies who and what you are...a morning drink, however you take it, whatever colour, wherever you are...a simple shot to start the day

Greg, 46

I’m 46 and you have changed the world of news for me! sharp , short & punchy. Also very education. Finally news that I enjoy reading. And always a happy ending .

Katie, 21

It's so relevant for the way younger gens digest news nowadays. Thanks for this service 

Sandra, 55

You guys are awesome. I’m 55 so not your demographic but it’s important to be informed and stay on top of what’s happening.

Terri, 22

I was always just scared of the news. I felt like it wasn't written for me. Now I've found my people.

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