Unyoked came into this world nearly 5 years ago (!) with the vision of helping people leave the 9 to 5 behind and get out into nature. Though our cabins look great, we never set out to make this a holiday, but rather a service for people needing an infusion of the wilderness to shake them out of the stupor of our everyday monotonous existence.

Since then, thousands of people have become part of our Unyoked tribe, but we want to do more and go deeper. While there have been many studies on the positive mental and physical benefits associated with time spent in nature, we thought it was high time we conducted our own.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (which sometimes has its benefits) you’ve probably heard of The Daily Aus. They’re a news platform designed especially for young people, designed to take the stress out of understanding the headlines, so you can be informed without having to decipher angry editorials written mainly for your grandparents.

There’s a few reasons we’re joining forces with TDA for our first research study, but mostly it’s because they know what it’s like to have to cut through the hectic-ness of everyday life in search for something more simple.

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