Frequently Asked Questions

No, we are completely independent. We are not owned by any larger media company, and The Daily Aus maintains full editorial independence. 

The Daily Aus has a typical start up story. Our founders, Sam and Zara, quit their full time jobs to chase their dreams. To make those dreams possible, the co-founders went out looking for A+ investors who they knew would back the mission and values of the company. In February, they finished their first capital raise with incredibly diverse and talented investors. No investor has the ability to control or influence editorial policy. Importantly, all understand and have accepted TDA's mission to provide clear and balanced views to our audience.

The Daily Aus is run by Zara Seidler and Sam Koslowski, two twenty-somethings who decided they’d make a business out of explaining the news to their friends.

The Daily Aus derives revenue from partnerships in our daily podcast and newsletter. We partner with brands who we believe are aligned to our company ethos.

We find our information from a variety of sources, from across the political spectrum. As self identified Master Explainers, we don’t have to worry about being the first to report a story. We can sit with the facts and digest/corroborate all stories before publishing, to ensure the full context and factual background has been provided. 

We cover a full spectrum of news and current affairs. It’s a bit of tightrope balancing what we know young people care about, versus what we think young people should care about. That’s why if you follow us, you’re likely to see explainers on Bitcoin, climate action and travel bubbles as well as the infinitely less sexy: taxes, inflation and by-elections.

We will always own our mistakes. Unlike our traditional media forefathers, we aren’t going to shove an apology in a tiny corner at the back of the paper. We will apologise and own any mistakes we make around facts, language or bias. We are here to grow with our audience.

No. We cover news that matters to young people, irrespective of any political ideologies attached to the issue. We have zero linkage, backing or relationship with any political parties in Australia.

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